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Props Video Magazine is back after a 6-1/2 year hiatus for a special fundraising Issue supporting... mehr
Produktinformationen "PROPS ISSUE 79 - DVD"
Props Video Magazine is back after a 6-1/2 year hiatus for a special fundraising Issue supporting east coast legend Chris Hallman, who recently underwent treatment for colon cancer. Chris is an amazing person, rider and photographer – and was editor of the short-lived Tread Magazine in the mid-90s, often hailed as the greatest BMX magazine of the Midschool era. All net proceeds of Issue 79 will be donated to Chris to help pay medical bills related to his surgery and recovery. His outlook is very positive. For this special issue we teamed up with filmer/editors Bob Scerbo, Darryl Tocco, Steve Crandall, Jerrod Glasgow and Jeremie Infelise for a full slate of top-quality content. Running time: 70 minutes Contents – Bobbie Altiser Profile – Every Day We Do It (in Texas) – FBM Lost Bowl Session – Day In the Life: Van Homan – Relic Road Trip – Steady Rollin with Cody Diggs – Trey Jones’ Florideah – Iowa Barn Fools – Dan Coller Bio – Credits – Bonus: Life After Pro: Taj Mihelich On the front cover: Bobbie Altiser (shot by Chris Rye in Hannibal, MO) On the back cover: Trey Jones (shot by Bob Scerbo in Sanford, FL) Issue 79 also features classic-style ads from industry brands. All advertising revenue will also be donated to Chris. Bluray and DVD versions contain the same content, however the Bluray features full 1080p resolution. We hope to offer a digital download version soon in addition to the hard copy options. Thanks for your support!
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